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Boston Express is doing everything we can to mitigate exposure to the Covid-19 virus for our drivers, customers, and general population.

All couriers have been issued protective equipment and are following CDC guidelines as to the handling of deliveries.

We are not requiring physical signatures unless specifically asked by our clients and will evaluate each request on a per delivery basis to determine how to proceed. We are asking couriers to confirm that they have reached the consignee and record their names as proof of delivery.

We understand that our service will be vital as everyone now needs to practice social distancing. Most of our clients will be working remotely and we will be here to assist in every way we can.

We ask our customers to assist in preventing exposure to the virus as well. Please observe social distancing where possible, alert us to any issues we may face at the delivery end, and whether physical signature is absolutely necessary.

Please feel free to call our office with any questions on how to proceed with any delivery.



Be safe.