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Boston Express is doing everything we can to mitigate exposure to the Covid-19 virus for our drivers, customers, and general population.

All couriers have been issued protective equipment and are following CDC guidelines as to the handling of deliveries.

We are not requiring physical signatures unless specifically asked by our clients and will evaluate each request on a per delivery basis to determine how to proceed. We are asking couriers to confirm that they have reached the consignee and record their names as proof of delivery.

We understand that our service will be vital as everyone now needs to practice social distancing. Most of our clients will be working remotely and we will be here to assist in every way we can.

We ask our customers to assist in preventing exposure to the virus as well. Please observe social distancing where possible, alert us to any issues we may face at the delivery end, and whether physical signature is absolutely necessary.

Please feel free to call our office with any questions on how to proceed with any delivery.



Be safe.

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Fast, Reliable Courier Services

Welcome to the BED website. We offer same-day rush courier services throughout Boston, New York, and all of New England. We are seasoned specialists with all types of courier services.

Rush Delivery for Any Kind of Package — Large or Small
Scheduled and Routed Courier Service
Regular Service Between Any Locations — Arranged on a schedule determined by yourself and a BED executive.
Designated Couriers Available — At your request, you can be assigned a regular designated courier.
All Couriers Carry a BED Photo ID
All Have Been Screened & Are Bonded
All Your Parcels Are Fully Insured
Initial Assessment of Your Needs Catered to By a BED Executive
Medical Delivery Jobs Requiring Special Handling & Immediate Accommodation
Executive Services (We Are Bonded & Insured)
Interoffice Mail Runs — Scheduled or On Demand
Post Office Pickup/Drop-Off — Morning & Evening
Court Filings — Trial Exhibit Delivery
Van & Truck Service — Dedicated & Otherwise

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About Us

BED has been in business since 1990, and we've established ourselves as a fast, honest, and reliable delivery service. Our couriers handle themselves in a professional manner and must have an extensive knowledge of Boston and the surrounding areas in order to work with us. All deliveries handled by BED are insured, and all couriers are bonded. Documentation can be provided at your request.

We're now providing expanded internet services with secure online ordering, delivery tracking, and online viewing of billing information.

Do you need to know the price for a delivery right away? Simply visit our Quick Quote page and fill in the form to submit your request. We'll get back to you in minutes with a price.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope you'll find the information within these pages straightforward and helpful.

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