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Our customers have online control of their courier orders. With BED's web features, placing orders online with BED couldn't be simpler. Just log in, and with a couple of clicks you'll be presented with a drop-down menu from which you can choose any job from your stored previous delivery data or enter a new one.

Just pick from one of your past deliveries if you wish to send an identical job again, or you can easily enter new job information and with a click and send your job directly to our dispatch where it gets electronically sent out to our couriers on the road. You can track your job from that point right up until the moment it's delivered. At that point, you can access your proof of delivery and final price immediately.

You can set your online account to send you (or up to five recipients) an email for each delivery that goes out. Your email report contains all the information we have on your order, including the recipient's name, time delivered, and the cost. This email can be set up to go out to you with any scheduled frequency you desire.

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Of course, you can always put in your order the old-fashioned way by picking up your phone and giving us a call. We know some of you prefer it that way and, as the old cliché goes, our operators are standing by! Please call us if you have any questions about our online offerings or for anything else with which we can assist you.