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Delivery Services You Can Count On

Save time and money with delivery services from BED in Boston. We serve corporate, medical, and legal clients throughout New England and New York.

Stat Medical Service

BED Stat Medical Service has provided delivery services to the medical industry for over 15 years. Our clients include most of the major hospitals, several of the area labs and clinics, biotech companies, teaching universities, pharmaceutical companies, health care providers, and many others. BED can provide service to all area hospitals and labs.

We offer:

  • Interoffice Mail Runs Between Satellite Office & Clinics
  • Delivery of X-Rays & Medical Records
  • Blood Samples & All Medical Specimens
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Equipment
  • Direct Nonstop Rush Service of Any Urgent Medical Materials

Urgent Deliveries

If it's an urgent specimen that needs to go out ASAP, we will handle it with the utmost care and urgency. All medical transport personnel go through extensive OSHA training in order to be able to best handle and package in your delivery, as well as being able to handle emergencies resulting from any kind of spill. We maintain a complete and accurate chain of custody record of your delivery, from the second it leaves its origin to exactly when it is accepted at its destination. We will provide a copy of our training records and protocol at your request.

We can customize our service to fit your needs, whether it is the scheduling of a daily, weekly, monthly, or multi-stop run, a STAT, or "on demand" delivery of any nature. BED is here to take the worry out of your workday when your materials go out the door.

Corporate & Executive Services

BED provides expert services to the business community in Boston and all of New England. We provide your institution with a variety of services, all done by bonded and fully insured couriers in an on-demand or scheduled capacity, including:

Envelope In Hand

Interoffice Mail Delivery

Man With Mail

Bank Deposits

Package Delivery

Post Office Pickup & Delivery

Package With Stop Watch

Round-Trip Delivery of Documents to Be Executed

Clipboard with List

Check Delivery

Flexible Service

Regularly scheduled pickups and deliveries can be done on-call, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or however your company chooses to set it up. Your schedule will come up automatically on our system however you've chosen to have us take care of it. We can route multiple pickups for your review, or it can be done by your team in-house. Your office will be given a monthly schedule for pickup times and dates at your request.

Legal Courier Services

BED provides a wide variety of courier services for Boston area law firms. Contact us to schedule your next pickup and delivery.

Rush Court Filings

We know where all the city, state, county, and federal courthouses and offices are located throughout New England as well as their deadlines for filings. We ensure that your delivery gets there on time and that all documents get date-stamped properly and returned to your office. We provide expert service to the legal profession in the Boston area.

Trial Exhibit Delivery

BED will deliver all of your materials for you when you are at court, promptly and professionally. We make sure that you are all set up well prior to the beginning of the trial and are there as soon as it is over for any items that need to be returned. That includes delivery of exhibits of all kinds. It is all handled by couriers who have been doing this for years. We don't leave anything to chance.

BED has been providing courier services for law firms in Boston since 1990. Your delivery will be given the same attention whether you are a one-person law office or part of a major firm with hundreds of attorneys. Prompt direct delivery is provided by seasoned legal couriers who realize that they are representing your firm and will conduct themselves accordingly.